-April 10, Thunderclan was started by Featherstep.

-April 11, Featherstep becomes Featherstar. Coalfeather gives birth to Dewkit and Thicketkit.

-April 25, Falcongaze is injured during a successful attempt to drive out a fox. Due to the severeness of the injuries he is being stripped of his deputyship until he is fit to resume his work. Featherstar loses her first life to the fox. Longfur has her kits, however Sandkit dies, leaving Spiderkit as an only kit.

-May 17, Dewkit and Thicketkit become apprentices. Dewpaw is the apprentice of Featherstar, and Thicketkit is the apprentice of Stormstrike.

-May 20, the stream, the only large water supply, dries up. Food becomes scarce.

-May 26, badger dens are discovered in the middle west of the territory.

-May 27, Falcongaze is deputy once again. Ebonypaw is made a warrior, his warrior name is Ebonystreak. Spiderkit becomes the apprentice to Falcongaze.

June 13, Longfur's kits, Wildkit and Robinkit, are born. Longfur dies.

June 14, Dewpaw and Thicketpaw become warriors as Dewnose and Thicketpelt.

June 20, Coalfeather gives birth to Aspenkit and Swankit.

July 17, Thunderclan defeats Nightclan in a border raid for the tunnels. Featherstar loses another life to Sunstar.

August 1, Swanpaw becomes the apprentice of Ebonystreak, and Aspenpaw becomes the apprentice of Thicketpelt. Spiderpaw becomes a warrior and is named Spiderstripe. The drought finally comes to an end.