Pages created in Return of the Clans Wiki must abide to the Wiki Policy along with the specifications listed below. Articles and pages that fail to follow or meet the standards and rules of this wiki will be deleted and, in much more serious cases, result on a ban on the original creator and participants.

Editing PagesEdit

The Return of the Clans Wiki is a collabrative wiki that is public, allowing its users to edit and contribute to other pages. Though some types of edits are not permitted such as:

  • Spam. 
  • Deletion of accurate information.
  • Rude or harrassing content being added.
  • Replacing with false information.

Pages can include:Edit

Pages cannot include:Edit

  • Harassment, abuse, bullying, crude behavior, or hatred towards something or someone.
  • Off-topic or innapropriate videos or images.
  • Personal/private information about yourself or any other user.
  • Spam or violated information.
  • Anything other than a character page unless approved by an admin.

If pages are not made according and are not changed into a blogpost within 2 days, it is deleted as spam. Rollbacks, Administrators, and Moderators have control of this.

Talk pages and CommentingEdit

Comments on pages allow users to express their opinions or factoids on certain topics of Animal Jam Roleplay, comments must follow a policy as well.

  • Spam 
  • Rude or offensive content 
  • Hatred
  • Negative opinion towards the creator or participants of the page

Other PoliciesEdit

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.