This is a more specified and detail set of rules that all users in chat must follow. The general rules of the wiki can be found here. If rules are broken or misobeyed, there will be consequences and thus may result in a kick from chat or, in worse case scenarios, a ban on your account. 

Swearing and foul langaugeEdit

  • Using swearing and foul langauge in an insult to other users is not tolerated and will result in a ban and kick.
  • In Private Messaging, swearing is fine as long as both users are comfortable with it.

Bullying and Rude BehaviourEdit

  • Harassment or any form of harm towards another user is not tolerated and will automatically result in a ban.
  • If you see another user harassing/bullying/being rude to another user, screenshot it if you're able, and show to to an admin as soon as you can.
  • Teasing other users in a jokingly matter may be an exception, but please make sure the other user is comfortable.
  • Trolling is a form of harassment, please avoid doing so, or as stated, you will be kicked.

Links and Photo URLsEdit

  • Links to malware sites, troll sites, inappropiate sites are prohibited.
  • Photos must be safe for all users to see, please do not post a URL if you are unsure about it.
  • Photo URLs in PMs might be an exception, but please make sure the other user is okay with it.

The Staff have privileges, so please respect them in and out of chat.

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