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Current warrior appearance
Old: Unknown
Current: NightClan
Current Rank: Warrior
Last Rank: Apprentice
Mother: Leafear
Father(s): Scarleg
Siblings: Unknown
Mate(s): None
Kits: None
Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentice(s): Unknown
Age: 7 years (unknown moons)
Status (Living/Dead): Living
Snaketail is a grey male tom with a dark grey belly and has scars and has a snake like tail. Snaketail is loyal and funny. Snaketail was always a NightClan cat. Although he can get grumpy when a cat annoys him, he can care for his Clan and can be a good fighter at the cost of his life.

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Snaketail is grey, has a dark grey belly, has some scars on him, has medium sized whiskers, sharp teeth, sharp claws, long snake like tail, has two nicked ears, and has green eyes.

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Family Edit

Mother: Leafear: Leafear is a pale grey she-cat with an unknown death.

Father: Scarleg: Scarleg is a male tom with a dark grey pelt, and a black tail tip. Death is unknown.

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Trivia Edit

  • Snaketail's parents are rogues
  • Snaketail is new in NightClan

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