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Old: Rogue
Current: MarshClan
Current Rank: Warrior
Last Rank: Apprentice
Mother: Tundra
Father(s): Hollowclaw
Siblings: Crookedear
Mate(s): Unavailable
Kits: Unavailable
Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentice(s): Unknown
Age: 20 - 30 moons
Status (Living/Dead): Living
Smudgetail is a white thick-furred she-cat with black speckles, and a black tail. 


During her early days, Smudge was born to Tundra and Hollowclaw, rogues who were exiled from MarshClan. Later on, the couple had another kit named Crooked, but he died due to weakness and the overpowering environment. Hollowclaw mainly focused on Smudge after his death, and was determined to train her in his pawsteps. With many encounters with the Clan cats, kittypets and rogues, Smudge began adapted to fighting everyday for the stake of her life. Tundra and Hollowclaw split up as mates and went their seperate days. Tundra left Smudge as an individual, leaving Smudge to seek a group that could sustain her. She came across a MarshClan patrol and was escorted to the Camp. Smudge knew that this was her chance. 


Smudgetail is seen as a lean, silky long-haired she-cat with big paws and long limbs. Her ears are tall for an average size, and her thick black tail will always seem to drag behind her as if it was an extra weight. Smudgetail's hips are injured so she may limp at times, but has strength in many parts of her.

As an apprentice

Smudgepaw only recived a moon and a half of training, since she was older than most of the training apprentices. Her mentor taught her well, but she had trouble understanding the code of the Clans. She thought StarClan was an elder's tale, and had no absolute belief in them ever since she joined. Though, she is trying hard to dedicate herself to MarshClan. Smudge never believed anything unless she was shown its existance.

As a warrior

Smudgepaw earned her warrrior name as Smudetail, and was so proud ever since. She finally felt accepted as a warrior, being respected by the apprentices and the Clan. Smudgetail had regained belief in StarClan, and had regretted her earlier days as a non-believing, violent rogue. She was given an apprentice named Shadepaw, and is currently training him.