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Old: None
Current: Loners & Rogues
Current Rank: Loner
Last Rank: None
Mother: Unknown
Father(s): Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Mate(s): Coming Soon
Kits: Coming Soon
Mentor(s): Coming Soon
Apprentice(s): Coming Soon
Age: 23 Moons
Status (Living/Dead): Living

Sleet is a small tom with light milky fur, dark grey and brown flecks, with blue hasty eyes. He has a small, speck of black on his nose and tiny paws. He is a American curl and descended from a kitty-pet family, but journeyed deep into the forest to get away from the Twolegs. He is half the size of a regular forest cat, but has the heart of a badger. Sleet will always defend anything that is rightfully his, or will be.


Born to Daisy and Swooper, Sleet was the runt of the litter and was always misunderstood. Of course, the Twoleg owners had decided to sell away the kittens for a better living. Sleet, apparently who's birth name was Tootles, escaped the fence before any Twoleg could set paw on him. He payed acute attention to the stray cats that spoke about the Forest cats, and how they lived far, far away from the Twoleg place. Sleet set himself on a mission to find these cats and live beside them. He wanted to rule the forest with a claw. Finally, finding MarshClan, Sleet didn't like the Clan ways, and decided to live on as a loner in the forest.


  • Sleet is very quiet and can be very gruesome at times, but it mostly depends on what the scenerio is.
  • He is a fully indenpendant cat, and will have grudges against cats who group up, or rogue bands.
  • Sleet tries his best to withstand the cat he challenges, but often fails due to his size.



  • FalcongazeSleet met Falcon in the Loner's and Rogue's territory right after he fell out of a tree and injured his paws. The tom had helped him tend to his bloodied paws, and quickly grew into a friendship with him. He is doubting his loyalty to the rogues currently, and is afraid the tom will join the Clans and leave him.


  • Sleet is a milky Amercian curl, his ears are curled, showing that he was descended from a kittypet.
  • He is small compared to other cats, and thick-furred.