Soulcloud ExplainsEdit

When I was a young apprentice, and Tidestar was our leader, I remember on my first day of training being introduced to ShadowClan's snowy territory. To my

ShadowClan Territory

experience, there were many hills of accumulated snow. Pine trees everywhere, and leafless but alive trees to climb on! I love to climb, really. When my mentor let me step on the frozen lakes, I was a bit nervous at first. I would remember how Icerift, my mother, would tell that the lake broke once. Oh, how scary that must of been! As I stepped on the ice, I only slipped on my first attempt to stand and walk. It was difficult, but my mentor told me that later on, we would practice the ways of fighting, and adventuring on our territory. When we walked along the edge of the border, which had a strong scent of NightClan, you could tell how slowly and faintly there would be snow on one side, and grass on the other. I despised the creatures at the time, especially because of many ridiculous stories I've heard about Smokestar. I didn't let it get to me, though. My mentor showed me especific good places to hunt, where grass and other plants would survive the snow. As we reached back to camp, I loved the semi-ditch that was formed from us just living in it and walking every day. Pine trees surrounded the camp well, and I loved how the trees were cared and constructed to be made as dens. It was perfect. Oh, let's not forget the small hole in the snow to put all those yummy critters!

New Territory ClaimEdit