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Old: MoonClan
Current: RiverClan
Current Rank: Deputy
Last Rank: Warrior
Mother: Ivystep
Father(s): Talonpelt
Siblings: Mudspots, Dovefeather
Mate(s): None
Kits: None
Mentor(s): Fallenleaf
Apprentice(s): None
Age: 29 moons
Status (Living/Dead): Living

Ripplefrost is a dark-grey-furred tom with a stripe running down his back with other stripes covering his body. His chest fur is white. Ripplefrost has blue, tealish eyes and thick tabby-ish fur. 


Born in WindClan, Ripplekit was born in a litter along with Mudkit and Dovekit. His mother Ivystep, and father, Talonpelt, lived through a hardship during the harsh seasons of leaf-bare. WindClan, forced to abandon their home, traveled through their vast land in search  of survival. Along the perilous route, Ripplekit was left behind and later found by Fernstar, since the kit was lost in RiverClan territory. Fernstar introduced Ripplekit to MoonClan, and so Ripplekit lived there. Apprenticed to Fallenleaf, Ripplepaw succeded to become a successful warrior, yet he was never made one. Later, MoonClan fell due to a rogue named Darkness who killed its leaders. Ripplepaw fled, in search of a new Clan. He settled in RiverClan, he was  made a warrior there, and lives there to this day.


Quiet, clever, quick-witted, easily suspicious, cautious and big-hearted. Always ready to put his Clan first and show his loyalty and bravery. Although Ripplefrost misses MoonClan dearly, he always looks out for his Clan.


  • Dawntail: Ripplefrost considers her a best friend, and will always stick up for her. He brefriended the she-cat when she was apprenticed and is now her best friend.
  • Crabclaw: Ripplefrost has many quarrels and grudges against him, and tries his best to stay calm with the tom. But they either end up with bristled fur or unsheathed claws.


  • Ripplefrost was born in WindClan, raised in MoonClan, and eventually joined RiverClan.
  • Ripplefrost sometimes has wistful moments where he remembers Fallenleaf and MoonClan.
  • He is a tabby, but appears to have 'dark fur' or 'black fur', his stripes are not visible at night.