In the begging after Knightstar resinged her position as leader in ShadowClan, passing it onto Airsnow(star), she established yet another clan, NightClan, with a ShadowClan warrior named Desertfire, who later changed her name to Smoketail. She decided to make Smoketail her deputy, and they both established a territory, the only problem was its lack of members. Both sought help from its ally, ShadowClan, which did lend help, the population grew by about 8~ members which was good enough at the time. However, the aged Knightstar was not able to care for the clan, she handed it down to Smoketail, once again changing her name to Smokestar. However, Smokestar did not have a reputation of being the most trusted person, her actions in the past has marked her as a coward, or hypocrite.                                             

     She did manage to bring in more members to her clan, one in particualr was named Whitepatch. Due to the lack of active members in her clan, she decided to make Whitepatch her deputy, little did she know about the problems that would come. As time passed all seemed pretty smooth (this part is pretty shaddy, forgot some details, order, as well as names, please correct me if I'm wrong, which I might be) Smokestar was informed about a plot that both Whitepatch, and Flamepelt were conceiving, and she decided to banish Whitepatch, he went on to make RiverClan and went under the name Whitestar. Then supposedly Flamepelt masqueraded as Whitestar in attempt to attack the leaders of both ShadowClan and NightClan (or just NightClan, as i said before, I'm fuzzy on the details). She was later unvailed by Whitestar, and killed.            

     Once again, a sense of normality showered over this torn clan as it tried to get back on its feet, but it kept being forced down. Distress and madness suffocated its leader as she attempted foolish and disastrous plans into growing her clan by force, she used threats and back-stabbery as a form of recovery; she was thought of as a fool and coward due to her actions. Smokestar also mentioned on more than one occation in shutting down the clan, but couldn't, then she, with all the other RPers left, Blackthorn was deputy at the time, but also wasn't as active. She trusted Blackthorn, but after a period of time has passed and she returned none of her clan-mates were on, it seemed to have been an era where "demigods" controled the activity among the clans; all clan activity stood at a standstill. A few months later this grid-lock seemed to have faded, but without a cost, most clans have died off, with only the 4 clans hanging onto a thread of life, though they did manage to live.                                                                                        

     The clan is now starting to straighten out. We want to forget the past and look to the future, we don't want this history to stain our faces, we are different, It's time for a revelation.