Location: Hilly Forest
Climate: Cold, misty and average weather
Predators: Foxes, snakes
Other Threats: NightClan
Leadership Information
Founder: Knightstar
Current Leader: Sunstar
Previous Leader: Smokestar
Deputy: Tigerfire
Clan Information
Members: TBA
Deaths: Unknown

NightClan is a very secretive clan. NightClan does not get into other clan's buisness, for we really do prefer the independent life of cat. NightClan is very misconceived, regarding the fact we have some cruel ways. But we'll assure you that we are not aggressive towards our kits, we do not let our cats continue to defend and feed themselves if injured, and we especially are not so arrogant that we murder any cat we see in sight just because we want to establish foolish pride. However, we ARE a ban of highly competent and proficient fighters- and with our rogue background, we show little error on the battlefield. We are NightClan.

If you want to join NightClan, please go to NightClan joining Page.

Clan InformationEdit

We live together in caves that surround and divide the three clan territories.

Important Pages
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Members Edit

====Leader: ==== *Sungaze - A pure white, long haired she-cat, with a fluffy, white, lion-like mane, dark amber eyes with dark brown markings on hind legs, tail, fore-paws, and faces. Mentor to Snowpaw.

====Deputy: ==== *Tigerfire - A dark brown tom with a tigger pattern of stripes and amber eyes. Mentor to Coalpaw.

Med cat: Edit

Warriors: Edit

  • Clearsky - Sleek grey she-cat with white markings and deep sky blue eyes. Mentor to Stonepaw.
  • Skyfeather - Silver bengal tom, with pale green eyes.
  • Hawksight - A light brown tom with a tiger pattern of stripes and golden eyes. Mentor to Steampaw.
  • Fogstorm - Dark gray tabby and white tom with green eyes.
  • Snaketail  - Grey male tom with a long snake like tail. Has two bitten ears and a dark grey belly. Has green eyes.


  • Snowpaw- pure white she-cat with an obsidian black tail, and crystal blue eyes.
  • Steampaw - Dark gray tabby she-cat with amber eyes
  • Stonepaw- a light grey she-cat, with black socks and dark grey tabby markings, her eyes are a mix of gold and orange.
  • Whitepaw - a jet black tom with a small white patch of fur on his chest.
  • Sparkpaw - Light orange tabby tom with flecks
  • Coalpaw - gray tabby and white tom with green eyes

Kits: Edit

Queens: Edit

  • Blacksky - black, fluffy she-cat with wide, yellow eyes and a white chest patch