Loners & Rogues are cats who don't live in any Clans. They have no leader, deputies, Medicine Cats, or any thing alike. These cats have no code or really any rules, but learn to respect one and other. Loners are more peaceful than Rogues, but they all sometimes get along, with few, pointless arguements happening every once in a while. There is no specific owner of this roleplay, but people must still ask to join.

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  • Sleet — light American curl gray tom with darker flecks and white front paws, light blue greyish eyes. Roleplayed By: Ripple
  • Katrina — Rather muscular, light silver pelted she-cat with darker black stripes on her face and back. She has dull green eyes and rather long ears. Roleplayed By: Dusk
  • Light — pure white tom with yellow eyes. Roleplayed By: Ferk
  • Cinder — Gray speckled she-cat with white patches, amber-golden eyes.. Roleplayed By: Ripple
  • Falcon — Light brown tom with pale yellow e'yes and a darker brown bengal pattern. Roleplayed By : User:Darkshine903


  • Claudette — black molly. Roleplayed By: Mink
  • Gordon — ginger tabby tom. Roleplayed By: Mink
  • Eagle — brown tom, supposedly gold in color. Roleplayed by:Dark
  • Cobra — Dark ginger tabby she-cat with darker crispy stripes, a flashy white chest, and dark brown markings.. Roleplayed By: Flame
  • Azarin - thick pelted, muscular dark brown tabby tom with golden amber eyes. Katrina's Cousin. Rped: Dusk.