Location: Marshes
Climate: Rainy
Predators: Minks, Foxes, and Adders
Other Threats: Lack of Members
Leadership Information
Founder: Swampstar
Current Leader: Swampstar
Previous Leader: None
Deputy: Snowfrost
Clan Information
Members: 10
Deaths: 1 (Mallowfoot)
LeafClan is a reincarnated version of MarshClan, which was abandoned by its leader. They live in the same territory, meaning a few flood issues during the rainy season. Having few trees in their territory, squirrels are a rarity, and the Clan mainly relies on fish, mice, voles, and occasionally frogs. Their pelts are often thick to stay warm and dry with no specific color, and legs long to avoid deep mud.
If you would like to join LeafClan please go to LeafClan joining page.

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Swampstar — Smokey charcoal colored tom with darker flecks. Roleplayed By: Whiskers


Snowfrost — Blue white she-cat with amber eyes and snowy white markings.. Roleplayed By: Flame

Medicine Cat:Edit

Longpaw — Description and Gender Unknown. Roleplayed By: Fern

Medicine Cat Apprentice:Edit



  • Bogstorm — Grey tom with one blue eye and one green.. Roleplayed By: Whiskers
  • Mapleblaze — Pure white she-cat with yellow-ish ginger markings on tail, face, rear-end, left fore-leg and hind-leg, and toes. Dark orange eyes.. Roleplayed By: Dapple
  • Smudgetail — Small white quick-pawed she-cat with black spots all over. Black tail with wide, teal eyes.. Roleplayed By: Ripple
  • Palecloud — snow marbled tabby she-cat. Roleplayed By: Whiskers
  • Mallowfoot — Tan-pelted tom with light reddish-ginger limbs and green eyes. Roleplayed By: Ripple
  • Guppysplash — Slate grey tom with blueish markings and deep blue eyes.. Roleplayed By: Flame
  • Ambershade — She-cat, description Unknown. Roleplayed By: Lexi


  • Shadepaw Short furred, black tom with amber eyes. 


  • EtherkitA small Snowshoe she-kit with scratchy little claws, grayish white fur and a furry tail. 



Mentors and ApprenticesEdit

This is to keep in track with the mentors and apprentices, as well as how many weeks left.

None weeks mean: no weeks left, the kit can be a warrior anytime.

The rule:

  • Kits don't become apprentices until 3 weeks have passed. Here is a brief explanation: Two moons = One week, Four moons of age = Two weeks, 6 moons of age = 3 weeks.
  • Apprentices don't become warriors until 3 weeks. If training is completed, I advise you to just keep on training and practice.
Mentors Apprentices Weeks
Mentor Name Apprentice Name # of Weeks