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Old: ShadowClan, NightClan
Current: AnubisClan
Current Rank: Leader
Last Rank: Elder
Mother: Cinderstrike
Father: Blackmoon
Brother(s): Whitestrike
Sister(s): Citylights, Smokestar, Snowfur
Mate(s): Unknown
Kits: Knighteyes, Silverlake, Blackstrike, Moondust, and Bluepaw
Mentor(s): Swiftspike
Apprentice(s): Too many; I forgot

When Knightstar was born, she was born to a she-cat named Cinderstrike, and her mate Blackmoon. One day in Swiftclan camp, the clan was attacked by a rival clan and their leader, Darkstar. Cinderstrike then grabbed her kits and made a exit through the back of the nursery, without any enemies seeing her. To her tragedy Blackmoon had been killed, but she had to keep running, while she was running she did not realize that Knightkit, and her sister Snowkit had fallen from her mouth. Not far from where they were she had dropped Smokekit as well. Knightkit, then grew up, never knowing her sisters. She became leader, the leader of Shadowclan. The clan then grew until she has heard from her deputy Viperclaw, that a white cat named Snowstar had tried to steal Shadowclan, which was a lie. Knightstar then met Snowstar, andthen later she had joined Shadowclan and been declared deputy. Moons went by of peace for the clan, but one day snowfur (Snowstar) was told lies by wolves, that Shadowclan did not belong to Knightstar, but she had stollen it. Snowfur believed this, and then Knightstar was banished from Shadowclan. A few days after that, Snowstar changed the name Shadowclan to Snowclan, giving Shadowclan back to Knightstar. Moons went by Snowstar and Knightstar discovered that they were sisters, shortly afterwards Snowfur had been killed, by a pack of dogs. Knightstar had lost her sister... After snowfur had died and been mourned for Knightstar then picked that the new deputy shall be Airsnow, being named after snowfur. Moons passes and Knightstar had passed on her leadership to Airstar, then leaving Shadowclan and creating Nightclan, SC's sister clan. Knightstar then discovered she had another sister, one called Smoketail after moons of peace Knightstar then gave Nightclan to Smokestar. Knight know has a clan called AnubisClan, ruling in the egyptian desert.

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