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This form contains an outdated link to the Joining Form, the link will no longer submit forms. If you would like to join, visit Clan Joining Pages, otherwise ask on the talk.

Welcome, welcome. If you already checked the front page, great! If not, you should at this moment. The front page of this wikia gives information about who we are and all the information you need before joining.. Now, if you have read it, thank you. This page will give you exclusive information about joining, and pages you should check out while you are here. Remember that this is a roleplay community, and though wikias are not meant for roleplay, we store our roleplay on here. We roleplay on talk pages. All resourceful links will be provided below.

Joining TROTCEdit

Do you want to join The Return of the Clans? Well, you are in the right page at the moment. You will have to go through a form that you will have to give us information about your new member on that certain clan joining page. 

Now TROTC isn't a roleplay community of any kind. We are semi-professional roleplayers, and we do not accept those who are not well with their grammar or good at roleplay. If you do not know how to roleplay well, you shouldn't join. Our roleplay also occurs in paragraphs, and not small sentences. Occasionally, sentences will be used if we can't create a long paragraph. If you lack or don't feel comfortable of creating paragraph long roleplays, then this isn't the right roleplay group for you. Yeah, it is fine if your roleplays are a sentence long, but we are the advanced type. 

First Time WarriorEdit

Now, most of you will be a kit, apprentice or warrior. You are least likely to be medicine cat apprentice, medicine cat, and deputy. Though deputy is a likely choice, it's not possible for your first time. A first time warrior just means you have joined our roleplay group, and you haven't officially read the Warrior Cat series yet. The Warrior Cat series consists of five series already, with many other books like Super Editions, mangas, guides, and e-books. It is a long process to read all the books, and with new books coming out each year, it is also hard to find them at libraries. These books are also expensive at times to buy, and that is maybe the reason why you haven't read it yet. But that's okay. We have a help pages for you, though they are quite small at the moment. 

But even so, if you join for fun and don't care about anything that we are providing for you, this won't be your roleplay group either. We want actual cats who know about the Warrior Cats world and familiar with is. We welcome anyone who doesn't know much, but we would love it if you at least tried to learn about it with us. 


Joining Pages

Front Page: The Return of the Clans Wiki

Help Page: Warrior Cats Help Guide

Wikia Rules: Rules and Expectations