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Old: Tribe of Frozen Spirits
Current: RiverClan
Current Rank: Warrior
Last Rank: Apprentice
Mother: Meltingice
Father(s): Swiftriver
Siblings: Willowbeam, Shallowspark, Stoneedge
Mate(s): N/A
Kits: N/A
Mentor(s): Fernstar
Apprentice(s): N/A
Age: 13 moons
Status (Living/Dead): Living

Description Edit

Dawnpaw-  Pale tan tabby she-cat with one left black paw and one brown right paw. She has soft aqua green eyes and has one black ring around each of her paws. She has a soft snow white muzzle, tail tip, and hind paws. From the tip of her tail, white rings form along her spine to the top of her head.

Personality Edit

Dawnpaw is always excited and enthusiastic about everything she sees. She always is full of energy and will explode with hyper like enthusiasm if she likes somehing.

History Edit


Dawnpaw was born in the article circle, born for the cool winter. For mysterious reasons, all cats there had some sort of white circle placed on them. Dawnpaw in her case had it on her back, but more than one. She loved to play and frolic in the snow with her best friends. 5 months after she was born, Two-legs rushed up with their huge monsters, crushing into the beautiful sparkling glaciers that surrounded the home. As she fled, her father took care of her as her mother went out to get food while she could. The monster crashed into the ice and she blacked out. Once conscious, she knew she had to flee. Dawnpaw raced out of her home into the unknown.


Dawnpaw soon arrived into various places. She grew a strong fear of two-legs after the disaster. After days of searching, she found a spot she might settle in nicely and very snuggly.

Life in the clans Edit

Dawnpaw Headed out into the territory. The cats there welcomed her nicely and allowed her to settle in the nursery. She grew a well understanding of the warrior code. She is now an apprentice and is very enthusiastic about everything she learns. 

As a warrior Edit

She is now a warrior

Relationships Edit

Ripplefrost had always been enthusiastic and to meet her. They bonded quickly and as an apprentice, they would go out on trips with her when he could. She now treats him like her second father and will do anything to defend him from words or claws.

Fernstar adventured and helped her as a kit, treating her with kindness. When she was a kit, Fernstar saved her by washing off the stinkbug when the rotting prey season was still around. She soon became Fernstar's apprentice due to their close relationship.

Crabclaw stares at her every day and they both get confused whether they like each other. She feels like she hates him but spdeep inside she loves him.