The Dark Forest, a place where cats who have made mistakes in their warrior lives, ended up crossing the other side of Silverpelt in their own selfish anger. These cats are angry with revenge, loneliness and ambitiousness. They are cats that no other wishes to mess with unless they have the courage to. Dark Forest cats are known to be short-tempered or manipulative. They will not stop until they win. They are rarely to ever interfere in other cat's dreams, but it's possible. They also have a different appearance. Their pelt is dull and pale; lifeless. Their eyes also shine like StarClan cats, but they do not look as healthy. Their scars remain. Don't ever get close to the division line between StarClan of the Dark Forest. These cats tend to patrol their own borders for no reason.

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Owlshade — dark blue-gray tom with amber eyes. Roleplayed By: Whiskers

Splashnose — black smoke tabby she-cat with green eyes. Roleplayed By: Whiskers



 unusually massive jet black tom with claws that are reinforced with dog teeth, a small white patch of fur on his chest, and eyes that change from green to yellow.




Crowwish — Massive pitch black tom with deep blue eyes.. Roleplayed By: Flame

Lost and Forgotten Clans - None