Old: Rouge
Current: Riverclan
Current Rank: Warrior
Last Rank: Apprentice
Mother: Unknown
Father(s): Whitestar
Siblings: Otterstripe
Mate(s): None(for now? lel)
Kits: None
Mentor(s): Ripplefrost
Apprentice(s): None
Age: 17 moons(about 1 year)
Status (Living/Dead): Deceased

Crabclaw is a dark ginger tom with forest green eyes. He is unusually large, and has long front claws.


Crabclaw arrived at Riverclan along with Otterstripe and his father. They were kits when they arrived, and Crabclaw witnessed his father's slaughter, but shielded it from his brother. He was mentored by Ripplefrost, and he hates him. He blames him the most for his father's death, which is interesting because Ripplefrost played hardly any part in the event. (to be continued im bored)


Crabclaw is a very grudgeful, and aggressive tom. But at the same time, he is also very loyal and loving. He would never do anything to hurt those that he loves, and will do anything it takes to protect them.


Friends Edit

  • Not only are they brothers, but him and Otterstripe are good friends.

Enemies/rivals Edit

  • Mothstar, he is hungry for revenge for his embarrassing battle against the ShadowClan leader.
  • Ripplefrost, he hates his mentor for not being a good teacher, and holds him mainly accountable for the death of his father.

Love interests Edit

Other Edit

  • Firestripe, it was first assumed that they would be friends, and Crabclaw still somewhat hopes that they can be, but for now he thinks he is a pest.


  • Crabclaw trains with his father in his dreams, and he is very connected to him in that way.
  • Crabpaw is not very good at hiding his crush on Dawntail, as he can be seen staring at her a lot.
  • Crabpaw carries the same mutated genes that his father had, which causes him to grow to an unusual size. By the time he was eight moons, he was already very close to the size of most she-cats.